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Custom Applications

Often, businesses have very unique operational processes that directly or indirectly support and enhance revenue-generating activities. In many cases this requires a custom platform for the business to collaborate through and manage the phases in the business process. The efficiencies or inefficiencies in that platform, are reflected in the organization itself and the business initiatives involving this process. Inteledyne specializes in developing custom applications that offer clarity, improved efficiencies, and enhanced business performance for our clients.

Analytics and Reporting

Simply put, information analysis is the goal and the reward for building a powerful BI system. We are proud of our experience implementing efficient and versatile BI tools and reporting solutions. Inteledyne provides thorough, informative clarity into the performance of your business, as you need to see it. Perspective is everything, and we know how important it is to you.

Call Center Solutions

Powerful reporting is the key to monitoring and improving performance within call centers. If you know exactly what is going on in your call center at any given moment, you are able to make more informed decisions, improve efficency and increase your bottom line. Well designed reporting systems also allow you to plan intelligently for the future. Inteledyne has designed reporting systems that target key areas of a call center’s businesses that can monitor metrics in virtual “real time”, offering you invaluable incite into your business.

Data Warehousing

Often, a business will find itself with many different versions of numbers across different departments, teams and initiatives. This means that many business decisions are most likely being made from numbers that are not accurate.  This is where a data warehouse comes in. A data warehouse is the central repository for all of an organization’s data, which is used for reporting and analytics throughout the organization.This is known as the one source of the truth for the business. Inteledyne specializes in developing and implementing sound data warehousing strategies.

Data Management

We have made it a standard to offer expertise at whatever level necessary to enable our clients to succeed. As an integral keystone to Inteledyne’s services, this emphasis on remaining flexible allows us to offer the optimal level of involvement to meet your needs. Often, this means hosting the systems that we manage. As a result, we also understand the value you place on the privacy of your data, and the importance of protecting it. Trusting in our experience and capacity allows our clients to focus on what they do best… running their business.

Consulting and Strategic Planning

Our number one goal is to enable our clients to achieve their goals. The Inteledyne business model offers flexibility in how we work with our clients. Often, we may only need to help provide analysis of a system, or help identify inefficiencies, potential problems or bottlenecks. Some clients only call us when they have a crisis and they need to understand what is happening. Let us know when you need us, and we can be there to help in whatever manner makes the most sense to you.

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